Sunday, July 6, 2008

About Children of Uganda

We educate, nourish, and encourage the children in our care to become giving members of their local communities when they graduate from our programs. We make great efforts to nurture extended family relationships for each child, so that they remain connected to their roots. Almost all children have a local guardian, usually a member of their extended family, to whose home they go for school holidays. The permaculture project is a hands-on learning experience for the children, enabling them to use and pass on their knowledge of sustainable agriculture practices.

Children of Uganda partners with Daughters of Charity, a registered Ugandan NGO that owns the sites in Mukono District and Rakai District (where the Sabina Home and Boarding School is located) that are the home bases of our children. Together we cherish 600 children in need.

We are partnering with Permaculture Across Borders ( to bring sustainable agriculture to our Rakai land. Please contact us if you would like additional information, are interested in helping to fund or intern on the project, or have contacts or connections that would be useful to us.

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