Tuesday, September 16, 2008

In his own words...

My name is Christopher Nyero with 17 ages and I was born in Uganda. I am good in playing Basketball because of the good height I have. I play Cricket, Baseball and some time soccer. I support Chelsea football Club in the English Premier League in England. I study from Mbuye Farm School and I would like to become an engineer of architectures in the future.

I have managed to spend the whole two months of my holidays helping Dan Palmer and Amanda who were my best leaders in the Permaculture Project at Sabina. And it is not because I study from Mbuye Farm School but it is because am so interested in practising Agriculture. I have enjoyed learning a lot of things about permaculture and am having enough experience in it now.

And let me take this chance by passing through Dan Palmer and Amanda to thank the one sponsoring this project. May God bless you abundantly. Bye! Bye!

Note: Nyero Christopher has been the most amazing helper during the last three weeks, present from dawn (7am) to dusk (7pm) every single day quietly, competently and accurately assisting us with whatever we were up to, from watering to planting to measuring, designing, marking out and digging. No one shapes earth like Nyero - the man is an earth artist, and his almost 7 feet of height were a help when erecting poles and wires for the passion fruit around the mandala garden. Thank you Nyero for your massive contribution and see you at the end of term one next year!

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