Thursday, November 6, 2008

Some random quotes

A few statements made in and around Sabina over the last month or two that made me smile. Not exact quotes but as close to them as I can remember:

"The usual rules about planting fruit trees don't apply in Uganda. In Uganda, to put cow manure in the hole when you plant a mango would be a waste of manure" - Father Edwards

"I learned that worms are useful. I used to think they were dangerous and when I was digging I would cut them" - Kayinga Andrews, age ten, giving feedback to the group after Dick Copeman's recent workshop

"Permaculture is a design system for sustainable living and landuse" - Random student overheard replying when asked by another student what permaculture was near the garden during lunchbreak - made me raise my eyebrows I can tell you!

"Now we've planted all these fruit trees we cannot go backwards. We can only go forward" - Uncle Ddembe Joseph

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Anonymous said...

To Mike: Grandpa and I Saw the
Blog. Looks great! It must be very interesting. Say hello to your head gardener. You guys are doing great work. Love from Canada. We miss you.