Friday, December 5, 2008

Good Luck Joseph

The past few weeks Ssegendo Joseph has been a huge help with the project and has been showing a strong interest in permaculture. Here are a couple of photos of Joseph’s work.

His garden bed just outside of the kitchen with a little pond (which we have filled with gravel and reeds) to catch the grey water coming out of the kitchen

Joseph making his artistic and functional goat-proof tree protectors for the tangerines and lemon out front of the library (and unfortunately next to the tree-eating goats)

Joseph has recently finished P7 and has left Sabina to begin secondary school, although I am hoping that he will come back now and again to continue feeding his interest in permaculture. Good luck Joseph and thank you.

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jairus' daughter said...

gyebale koh joseph!!! nice gardening =) i wish you all the best in secondary school!