Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Kim and Clive Arrive

Hi, we've arrived in Uganda and are healthy and hot. We are checking out the site guided by Mike (see here with Kim and a few kids) and Bukenya and Dembe. The mandala garden is a bit dry, and a few fruit trees didn't survive a few weeks without care and attention. We'll update in more detail soon, now that the Internet connection has been resurrected, but in the meantime we can say that we are going hard to get large water tanks in place by March (wet season), to get some planting into the mandala garden (again to establish some growth before the big rains hit the garden), to reshape some diversion drains in the entrance driveway, to get an improved and extended nursery area in place, and to be ready with some activities when the kids return from the break in a few weeks


Dan said...

Yay and welcome to Sabina Kim and Clive! I have had an email today from one of the teachers saying thanks for seding over such "lovely and jolly" people so enjoy enjoy and keep us posted with more photos soon!

SarahC said...


Kim and Clive, great to hear you made it to Uganda! Yay for permaculture! Can you please pass on a request for Mike that I would like his e-mail, mine is if he could please e-mail me his, that would be great. Thanks so much!

I am missing all of the people of Ssanje nnyo, nnyo! Greet them all for me.

Beera bulungi!