Monday, October 13, 2008


Here are reasonably high-resolution scans of the designs we've completed to date.

Overall Site Zone Analysis, placing the things that need to be visited the oftenest the closest to activity centres.

Design for our initial mandala vegetable garden (which has been implemented and is in production). From above...

And from the side...

Design for 'Freedom Park' - the current washing line area in the middle of the home. The first design is for 2009 and the second is for 2039 when the fruit trees are mature. So far we have put in a small swale, planted most of the fruit trees and put in a temporary shadehouse structure. For the boundary we sourced some Kenyan Guavas that grow tall but only 4 feet wide!

Design for the driveway orchard we created by moving the giant football field 17 metres west. Again the first design is for 2009 and the second for 2039 when the mainframe trees are up to size. So far the swales are in and fully planted out and all the fruit trees are in and protected.

Design for the large area west of the old cow shed.

Big thanks to Amanda for her amazing skills both on the design front and in making them look so beautiful!


jairus' daughter said...

are we missing some scans here? i only see one. this is WONDERFUL work! i'm so proud of all of you!

ethanappleseed said...

Hello All! Thank you for your incredible work -- photos and designs are truly inspiring. I just found this website for the Uganda Agroforestry Development Network -- have you run into them yet?

In peace and joy,

Dan said...

Thanks Ethan and thanks for the link - will pass it onto Mike as we'd love to get a greater diversity of non-fruit trees in. In particular I'd love to see more long-term overstory legumes. So far we've gone nuts with leacaena and have some ingas (icecream beans) on the way but there is room for plenty more.

Dan (back in an extremely dry Melbourne as of yesterday and missing Uganda and Sabina lots already!)