Monday, October 13, 2008

In his own words: Kayanga Andrew - Our Agricultural Whiz Kid

My name is Kayanga Andrew. I am ten years old. I study from Sabina. My best subject is maths and English. I like working in permaculture. I have many gardens and watermelons, sugar canes and many others. If they grow, I will send you some. The plants in the main garden are growing well. They have planted fruit trees, for example mangos. They have been planted by Uncle Dan and Uncle Mike. Permaculture will design Sabina Home and we will eat a balanced diet of fruits and vegetables. I send this to Aunty Amanda and Aunty Rowe. But we are missing Aunty Amanda. Aunty Jan, Joseph and Silas are missing you. We enjoyed the permaculture party, it was so marvellous. Sabina has many permaculture gardens made by the Aunties. They are interested in permaculture. The library has been designed and has many interesting books. I greet you in the name of Jesus Christ – goodbye.

Note - Kayanga leaves us in awe. Every day he comes up to me and says "Uncle Dan, one of the new oranges is flowering," or "someone removed one cucumber," "or let me transplant these cabbages, they are in the wrong place." Then last week we asked if he would be comfortable managing other children in the garden he nodded. When we visited the garden a few hours later he had about eight boys and an older girl working hard and in three hours they had planned, dug, fully planted, mulched and watered a large extension to our vegetable garden. This boy is truly amazing - thank you Kayanga!

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