Thursday, February 4, 2010

Design Draft

Here's a pic of a diagram of a lot of the stuff that's been done around the home (bottom half of pic) and some of the shared strengths of the five school area (top half of pic) designs from the PDC (done in groups), which we'll try and add to this post shortly. The shared strengths were:
  • Move football field north of school (wow - radical!)
  • Open visual access between school and home (no thick tree plantings)
  • Make current paths of least resistance between home and school official paths lined with fruit trees
  • Extend food forest west from main driveway to the above paths
  • Locate multi-purpose building south-west of school
  • Have small zone 1 learning garden adjacent to food prep component of multi purpose
  • Have path from school leading through existing large vegie garden
  • Keep area north and south of east-west school building clear for assemblies
  • Add a compost toilet for kids with separate toilet for staff
  • Have dedicated carpark east of school
  • Have zone 4 harvest forest then 5 wild forest north of relocated playing field
  • Have a zone 4 harvest forest strip around whole school - especially western boundary
  • Separate playing field from outer zones with living fence of caliandra
  • Stabilise steep slope immediately north of school with vetiver grass or similar
Current project managers Cam and Symmone will be developing the design and an accompanying action plan in consultation with the school and home staff and other stakeholders over the next month - stay tuned!


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